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July 20

Dominion Recap: Episode 5, Something Borrowed.

SPOILER WARNINGS APPLY.   The show begins with Alex in the middle of the desert firing his gun at Michael who was swooping in from the sky. Frustrated by Michael’s insistence on wearing coats in this blistering hot weather of Vega, he shoots aimlessly at Michael who honestly thought his aim sucked so bad that […]

July 14

The Main Reason I Watch Defiance

SPOILER ALERTS BELOW. I turned to Defiance back in April 2013 because I wanted to curb the space frontier void that Firefly had left in me since the show was canceled and its movie, Serenity, never got its sequel. But it wasn’t the space-cowboy-slash-Mad-Max feel of Defiance that has kept me watching. The main reason […]