The Main Reason I Watch Defiance


I turned to Defiance back in April 2013 because I wanted to curb the space frontier void that Firefly had left in me since the show was canceled and its movie, Serenity, never got its sequel. But it wasn’t the space-cowboy-slash-Mad-Max feel of Defiance that has kept me watching.

The main reason I kept watching Defiance was because of two characters: Kenya Rosewater and Stahma Tarr.


These two women, the first the owner and madam of the Brothel/Bar “Need Want” and the other the wife of a powerful Castithan gang lord in the frontier known as Defiance, seemed like polar opposites, but so similar in good ways and different in the BEST ways.

Kenya is the favorite prostitute of Stahma’s husband, Datak, and eventually becomes Stahma’s lover as well. I’ll let that sink in for a minute and go on as to why these two characters are my absolute favorite in the world of Defiance.

While we are yet to see Kenya in season 2 of the show, Kenya in season 1 was a woman of great resilience and power. She understood what services she provided her society and felt empowered to make change, give comfort, offer advice, or lend strength whenever the situation required it. She was, and is, Need Want.

But what really brought Kenya out as a character was Stahma, who so earlier on seemed content with tenderly manipulating her husband to steer him in the direction of success and power. She, as a Castithan, was raised to believe that the women were subservient to their men, and that to do otherwise was a dishonor to her husband, and therefore her family. Her actions were subversive and I can’t stop wanting to see her onscreen, like watching a master at work.

Kenya’s personality was showcased best in Stahma’s company, and Kenya removed the mask that Stahma wore piece by piece, culminating in the season finale, where the scene in the forest brought something out of Stahma that no one, not Kenya, not Datak, was ready for.


In season 3, Stahma is a FORCE. She is everything that she should’ve been, and I can’t stop looking at her.  Datak’s return, instead of pushing her back into her secret manipulations, unleashed in her a glorious rage that had me smiling by the end of Episode 4 “Beasts of Burden”.

Stahma reminds me once again that she is the biggest reason I watch Defiance. I could care very little about Irisa and the Earth Republic. I like Nolan and ex-Mayor Amanda Rosewater just fine, but my interest in their stories come second to Stahma.  I am still holding out hope for Kenya. In the meantime, I am loving the direction Defiance has taken.