July 20


Dominion Recap: Episode 5, Something Borrowed.



The show begins with Alex in the middle of the desert firing his gun at Michael who was swooping in from the sky. Frustrated by Michael’s insistence on wearing coats in this blistering hot weather of Vega, he shoots aimlessly at Michael who honestly thought his aim sucked so bad that he had no qualms about letting Alex use live rounds at target practice.

Alex was all, “I know how to use my gun,” and Michael was all, “My perfectly unharmed body says otherwise.” And I love this scene because I get to ogle Michael longer as he holds his coat open. There’s little skin, but there’s a lot to imagine with what we see.  So Michael tells him he can’t shoot straight with his heart full of revenge and with the sun’s glare blinding Alex’s squinty peepholes, dumbass.  He tells Alex to look at his shadow and shoot–that’s what will work, which makes perfect sense. And by that I mean it makes no sense.

Alex comes back from his training with Michael and Claire is at his bunker, grieving Bixby’s death. Bixby’s been cremated and her ashes scattered underneath a tree that grows beautiful purple flowers.  And then Claire and Alex make out again–their love affair being the one thing I care even less about than Bixby serving as a device to show us just how evil TV Evangelists could be–they kill children!

I am seriously more interested in seeing how married Claire and William will work out their arranged marriage, not because I ship them, but because it’s only slightly more interesting than Claire and Alex being twu loves of each other.

The next scene shows Claire miserably contemplating her arranged marriage and then Norma, Alex’s lady co-soldier, tells Claire that she’s being a whiny bitch for being so unhappy about her marrying the richest white guy’s son. Claire reluctantly has to pretend that it’s a dream come true. In walks Senator Whele, who gives more perspective to her upcoming nuptials, talking about money and power, and how she can use it to do some real good, then goes on to tell Claire that with her father’s failing ticker, she’s going to be in charge of Vega sooner than she expects.

We’re now walking through the market with General Reisen’s favorite Eight Ball, who just wants to go about her shopping without being bothered. She takes a liking to a music box, but the store attendant recognizes her and she pleads for him not to cause an uproar, but why the fuck would he listen to an Eight Ball pleading for mercy when all they’ve EVER EVER done was kill every human being they’ve ever encountered?  I wondered momentarily if there was anything she could’ve said that would have prevented him from going postal on her, and I thought perhaps, “I’m General Reisen’s mistress!”  might do the trick, but not really. She had to kill him.

Happily, the next scene is Alex and Michael in a private gun show. No shooting this time. Pecs are good, though. They are meditating, and Michael is telling him to shut the fuck up and listen to his inner voice.  Alex sees a vision of a dying Bixby, with her telling him not to let “him” hurt anyone else. Who “him” is–we know it’s Consul Whele, but nobody else in Vega does.  Apparently, this one-minute vision happened over the course of hours. Michael asks Alex what he saw and Alex basically tells Michael “I can, to, kill angels with revenge in my heart, thanks very much.”

General Reisen’s back to his Eight Ball for sexy times, but Eight Ball isn’t well. She’s having a meltdown of loneliness and insecurity. She’s getting demanding, and he knows she killed the shopkeeper. The General doesn’t know what to do except appease her with empty words.  Eight Ball appeals to his ego and his sympathy, and of course the General will think of something. Sigh. What an idiot.

Consuls Becca Thorne and David Whele are talking Deals with the Devil again. He’s asking her nicely, while twirling his imaginary evil mustache, about why the good doctor didn’t tell him about the General’s broken ticker. And she tells him that they agreed that she’d provide him with medical information about Archangel Michael, not the General’s medical issues. Consul Whele’s all like “we should add a clause to our agreement” like it’s all a legal matter–his subtle way of saying, “What part about I Make Up the Rules as I Go Along Because I Can did you not understand?” Oh, and by the way, even if you don’t care that the entire town knows you’re getting jiggy with the archangel, the other four ladies who got jiggy with you and Michael might care.

Let’s pause for a moment to try to understand how sleeping with the Archangel would make her a pariah. Or make the other four ladies a pariah. Wouldn’t they get kudos for sleeping with the goddamn hero of the Post Apocalyptic Universe?  And don’t even get me started on how bad they’d make the General look. He’s sleeping with an Eight Ball.

William Whele is conducting a preachy preach in broad daylight as Principate of his Church of the Savior, and his newly christened Black Acolyte from last episode approaches him, secretly but angrily asking William how he could stand for this kumbaya Chosen One shit when their Lord Grabriel is obviously so much more badass and cooler.  William not-so-subtly reminded him that his ribs haven’t heal from being broken recently and “Here, have a rose you peon who has no idea who you’re dealing with!”

Claire comes up to him and tries to use her feminine whiles to get William to tell his father to go easy on the Evil Scumbag bit, using a bit of blackmailing. William calls her out and she’s shamed into admitting it, but he’s a Black Acolyte, so he actually likes that, and it turns him on for serious. He agrees to help her.

In the next scene, I’m thinking that Syfy knows how to keep me watching this show because Michael is half naked with swords.

His muscle flexing is interrupted by his lover, Consul Becca Thorne. THIS ship I like, because it’s kinda dirty and hot, with two powerful people. Consul Thorne breaks up with Michael and Michael doesn’t really get how he’s supposed to react, because he really doesn’t understand this human need for commitment. Besides, this breakup was his idea to begin with. She tells him goodbye, kisses him, and walks away. Michael’s face is all like, “Shit. Does this mean I can’t have sex with her anymore? Maybe I should’ve rethought my suggestion.” No more half-naked Michael. For now.

We’re brought back to the soldier’s barracks where men and women mix, get naked, don’t have sex, and are naturally open about their sexual orientation. Norma asks Ethan if he has some lipstick handy, because ask and he shall have it to sell.  Can’t these soldiers go to the market that they have to resort to this black market shit in the barracks? And where the hell does Ethan get his oddly specific wares?

Nevermind. Alex is there, and he’s on the warpath. A shopkeeper was found dead, and an angel did it. How do they know this? Apparently, they found him with his “head facing his back” which is an oddly awkward way of describing his cause of death, but I suppose that effectively did explain, without so many words, that an angel did it for sure, because unpossessed humans generally couldn’t twist a person’s neck 360 degrees around with their bare hands. Alex wants to catch the sonofabitch who did it because he’s still angry about Bixby’s death,j and Norma, the only sensible person in this entire show, tells him that he’s obviously in no condition to be doing the soldier thing.  But he doesn’t listen to her. Nothing personal, Norma. Alex doesn’t listen to anyone.

Cut to a fancy shindig in the General’s house, and he goes to Claire’s room, only to find his Eight Ball there, leaving her music box on Claire’s bed, because she was desperate to talk to Claire. The General effectively tells her to piss off and never to get within hearing distance of his daughter. He forcefully tells the Eight Ball to get out. So now the General’s broken up with his angel. It’s a bad week for angel-human relationships.

I’m beginning to get the feeling that this Eight Ball’s body has something to do with General Reisen and Claire.

William Whele is sneaking around in his father’s office, lighting a fire (so to speak) but his father walked in on him before he could do what he came to do.  Looks like he wanted to blow up his father’s office with a gas leak and matches?  Or maybe he wanted to burn something? No matter, the conversation that arises from that interruption is Dominion gold. Consul Whele mockingly tells his son that he’d been waiting for the day his son William would come to him for advice on how to tame the feisty Claire Reisen. William would have none of that. He wants his father to stop bullying the General out of office and Consul Whele tells his son that he calls the shots because of how much he’s sacrificed for his son. In a brilliant show of character, William pushes back in the fiercest way he can–he fight-kisses his father on the forehead and tells him, angrily, that he is the man he is because of his father, which, in its harsh tone, scared even Consul Whele.

The consul may be evil, but his son is definitely badass, even if the consul doesn’t know it yet. William is becoming my favorite character.

In the next scene, Michael tells General Whele that he’s going to join the hunt for the Eight Ball that killed the shopkeeper, but General Whele tells him he called off the cavalry, that Michael has to do this by himself, covertly. Michael confesses that he’s known about the General’s Eight Ball, and that he’ll bring the Eight Ball to safety, but General Whele tells Michael to dispose of the Eight Ball–swiftly so that she doesn’t suffer. Michael wonders aloud, “But you said you loved her,” but then ultimately understands why the Eight Ball needs killing. Michael sets off to do his job like a good soldier.

We cut next to the Eight Ball running away and is caught running by someone else.

Next we see Alex and Norma arguing about how the search was called off, but Alex wouldn’t let it go. Norma is asking him why he’s shutting her out and he tells her that it wasn’t as if she hadn’t done the same thing to him before. And then it is revealed that she and Alex had a thing before, but then something happened, and then suddenly they didn’t have a thing anymore, and she tells him that Finch “found out” about them, which apparently means they’d both get kicked out of the Corps, and she thought the Corps was more important to him than she was.  She tells him that he met Claire shortly afterwards anyway, and they pause to look at one another, possibly contemplating what could’ve happened if they hadn’t ended the way they did.

And so we are witnessing the birth of a love triangle.

Their moment was interrupted by a radio call in, telling them a body had been reported and that they needed to check it out. It’s someone they know as Richardson, and he’s dead, which led them to the conclusion that the Eight Ball is still inside Vega’s walls.

Next we’re in a bathhouse, with Consul Becca Thorne hearing ladies kiss and tell about their nights with Archangel Michael, who smells good (their words, not mine).  Consul Thorne tells the ladies that they will no longer have sexy times with Michael, news that they react to with consternation. I would react the same way if someone told me that I can no longer sleep with the savior of the known Universe. She goes on to tell them that they have to leave the city and never speak of sexy times with the Archangel Michael again.

The scene cuts to a party, which I can only assume means that Consul Becca is done for.

Not really, but it’s hard to imagine anyone taking an order of “Stop sleeping with Michael,” lying down, so to speak. I’d have killed.

The engagement party at the Reisen house goes on, with the Wheles there, asking about where Claire was. Claire is, naturally, across town snooping in Consul Whele’s office. Ethan, her bodyguard, is telling her that the last time someone was caught stealing from Consul Whele’s office, she was fed to the lions. Apparently, Consul Whele’s homicidal tendencies are well-known, and yet he hasn’t been arrested for murder. Meanwhile, a poor soldier trying to hitch a ride out of Vega–an intensely shitty town if you aren’t rich–is cause for an arrest, as Alex proved in the last episode. I don’t understand this world.

On second thought I think I understand this world perfectly well.

Claire tells Ethan that she’s just looking for William’s speech for their event and that she wasn’t stealing and that she wasn’t going to be fed to the lions. “Well, in that case,” said Ethan, “Let me steal this bottle of scotch from Consul Whele’s office. That way, if he looks for it, I can tell him you took it.”  He didn’t really say that, but that’s probably what he was thinking when he did steal the bottle of scotch. Now we know where Ethan gets his wares.

Claire, while snooping, finds a Gabriel’s Acolyte scarf in his desk and this apparently means he is one–no other explanation.  It could never be that he just happened to have a scarf that looks like one hanging around. Or that he could’ve taken such a scarf from some other Black Acolyte that they could’ve arrested in the past.  But David Whele made his own bed, acting like an total asshole to everyone.  The logical explanation would, of course, be that he was a Black Acolyte.  He couldn’t just be an ordinary jerk. He had to be a jerk for a reason.

Now we know what William was doing in his father’s office.

William is truly impressive. And now Consul Whele’s going to know it.


Claire magically reappears in the other side of town at her house. She sidles up to Consul Whele and tells him that she knows he’s an acolyte of Gabriel and of course, the Consul is outraged by this untruth. She blackmails him back and uses this “knowledge” to her advantage.  The Consul does not know what to do, seeing that Claire certainly believes this lie.  Consul Whele then realizes that his son is playing them all, and so he’s probably terrified, as he should be.

The Eight Ball is reeling from killing another person and she is being hunted down by Alex and Norma. They chase her down into an abandoned building where they corner her, but before Alex can kill her, she pleads for mercy, which Alex seems to be buying.

Cut back to the engagement party where Claire is about to give a speech. She thanks everyone for coming and tells them that she wishes her mother were there to celebrate this occasion with her. She steps back to reveal a family painting, and of course her mother is none other than the Eight Ball that her father has been boinking.

So now we wonder–do the Eight Balls retain some part of their possessed’s memories?  It seems that the Eight Ball possessing Claire’s mother’s body is feeling some kind of emotional connection with Claire that she herself doesn’t quite understand.

We’ll have to find out in the next episode.