Monthly Archives: September 2014

September 22

Broad Concepts: Emma Watson Speaks for Feminism

It’s an interesting time to be a feminist. I think that’s always been the case, to be honest, but TODAY, when feminism is finally gaining a foothold across genders, is a good time to be a feminist. Right now, feminism has a long ways to go, which is probably the case for any worthy movement, […]

September 15

Health is Hard: Getting Off the Excuse Train

When I decided to take control of my health again some three years ago, I decided I would do it by running.  Unsurprisingly, I came up with many excuses not to start doing it: I don’t have a gym membership, I don’t have time, I’m too exhausted, I don’t have the proper gear, I’m hungry, I’m busy, I’m this, […]