This blog will talk about Feminism, Geeky things, and occasionally talk about the trials and tribulations of fitness.

My feminism evolved from spending my formative years with boys, then eventually going to an all-girls school, and finally having no feminist influences in college. I learned about the intricacies of feminism living and learning in the United States, since moving to New Jersey, from the Philippine, in 2003.  I am still learning.

I’ve always been a geek, from my love of anime from the first moment I watched Voltes V in the 80s, to my continuing love of sci-fi and fantasy in all its mediums–books, TV, movies, and video games–and my unending fascination with comic/cartoon superheroes.  I love that these fandoms are ever changing, ever moving. It makes me happy to know that they will always be around.  And I am glad to find online communities of women who enjoy the same things I do.

I am a liberal.

I am a mother.

Learn more about what I do at anna.balasi.com.