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September 22

Broad Concepts: Emma Watson Speaks for Feminism

It’s an interesting time to be a feminist. I think that’s always been the case, to be honest, but TODAY, when feminism is finally gaining a foothold across genders, is a good time to be a feminist. Right now, feminism has a long ways to go, which is probably the case for any worthy movement, […]

June 17

Broad Concept: World Cup Ads

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother, but just like a bad habit, it reels me in and spits me out. I blame the generally entertaining World Cup ads designed to delight, like the amazingly nostalgic ad that harkens back to Michael Jordan’s Space Jam, which was a generally terrible movie for many, but fabulous […]

June 10

Broad Concept: What Geek Feminism Isn’t

“Feminism has a PR problem.”  I’ve heard this said of feminism countless times, sometimes in those very words, sometimes in words less kind, and often by proud feminists. It isn’t so much a criticism as it is a statement–an expression of frustration that contains many of our hopes and aspirations for the movement–all of them […]