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September 15

Health is Hard: Getting Off the Excuse Train

When I decided to take control of my health again some three years ago, I decided I would do it by running.  Unsurprisingly, I came up with many excuses not to start doing it: I don’t have a gym membership, I don’t have time, I’m too exhausted, I don’t have the proper gear, I’m hungry, I’m busy, I’m this, […]

June 16

Health is Hard: Curbing Your Appetite

One of the hardest things I’ve had to change in my fitness journey is my deep love of rich, high-calorie foods and my desire to have more of it.  Basically the same addictive personality that I have that drives me to daily exercise is also the same personality that had me smoking like a chimney […]

June 10

Health is Hard: You Need to Understand This

I love to eat.  Not only do I love to eat, I love to eat fatty, unhealthy, diabetes-causing food. I used to smoke. A lot. I kind of hate exercise. I’ve quit smoking (generally). And I’ve tried to make healthier choices in eating (generally). And I exercise 5 times a week. Sometimes 6. Sometimes 4. […]