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June 17

Moar Guardians of the Galaxy

Let us take a moment to honor a truly dedicated, ill-represented guardian of the galaxy. We’ve not forgotten you, Hal Jordan. Now we’ve gotten that out of the way….   Just a few more weeks before August 1! And these new trailers aren’t making it any easier. Moar trailers, more dialogue, more Rocket, more Groot. […]

June 12

Why I Think All of Europe Actually Has Boxtrolls

This fascinating article about small towns in Europe¬†who have recreated themselves into “Book Towns” is the reason I think that all of Europe is a Lyka stop-motion production. I mean, just look at these pictures:   Which reminds me… a longer, infinitely more adorable and amazing trailer has been released for the movie Boxtrolls. ¬†Please […]