June 16

Health is Hard: Curbing Your Appetite

One of the hardest things I’ve had to change in my fitness journey is my deep love of rich, high-calorie foods and my desire to have more of it.  Basically the same addictive personality that I have that drives me to daily exercise is also the same personality that had me smoking like a chimney […]

June 12

Why I Think All of Europe Actually Has Boxtrolls

This fascinating article about small towns in Europe who have recreated themselves into “Book Towns” is the reason I think that all of Europe is a Lyka stop-motion production. I mean, just look at these pictures:   Which reminds me… a longer, infinitely more adorable and amazing trailer has been released for the movie Boxtrolls.  Please […]

June 11

These are not the conniving, backstabbing, throne grabbers you’re looking for…

“Game of Thrones” is a sham. 😦 I thought it was real, but it isn’t. Joffrey’s actually still alive, Tyrion Lannister doesn’t live his life inebriated, and Daenerys doesn’t actually have dragons. On the upside, Khal Drogo and Oberyn are alive. With his eye sockets  intact. Plot twist! I did not see that coming.   […]

June 10

Health is Hard: You Need to Understand This

I love to eat.  Not only do I love to eat, I love to eat fatty, unhealthy, diabetes-causing food. I used to smoke. A lot. I kind of hate exercise. I’ve quit smoking (generally). And I’ve tried to make healthier choices in eating (generally). And I exercise 5 times a week. Sometimes 6. Sometimes 4. […]

June 10

Broad Concept: What Geek Feminism Isn’t

“Feminism has a PR problem.”  I’ve heard this said of feminism countless times, sometimes in those very words, sometimes in words less kind, and often by proud feminists. It isn’t so much a criticism as it is a statement–an expression of frustration that contains many of our hopes and aspirations for the movement–all of them […]